Kendra’s success story


Ahirwe Rutayisire Tesi Kendra, 12 years old girl

Holiday workshop

 “My name is Kendra I like painting but I don’t like to smile or to laugh”. This is how she introduced herself in a theatre warm up session for the very first time at KAAMI ARTS.


 Normally, I like arts; my preferred arts are drawing, dancing and playing instruments. I like to draw a shoe, a princess and her dresses. I like modern dance and classic dance. In addition, I like to play piano and guitar.

When my parents told me that soon I will go to KAAMI ARTS Holiday Workshop, I felt a little happy; they told me that at KAAMI ARTS; drumming, painting, collage, music, dance and theatre are taught. What I wanted to learn there was painting.

When I reached at KAAMI ARTS for the first time, it was normal for me; I was even shocked and disappointed because all the children were younger than I. However, I felt comfortable with painting and this motivated me to come back the next day.

As time went on, I got accustomed to KAAMI ARTS’ atmosphere. I was happy there. Luckily, I felt comfortable to spend the whole time with other children despite being younger than I. They could make me smile and laugh all the time!

 “She has always loved young children. When she is with them she treats them very nice. You can imagine that she is their mother or baby sitter! – Kendra’s mother

Painting and collage was my favored ones; I was very excited during that session.

Gradually, I discovered that theatre was good too. I liked very much the theatre warm ups games and exercises because some were funny and awesome. I can’t stop play BOOM CHICKA BOOM (a warm up game) with my sister Kelia at home. Before going at KAAMI I had already performed in a play, but at KAAMI I learned how to act out with no fear and not to turn my back to the audience. I enjoyed my role in the play IKIRURA NA BWIZA which was an adapted story.

There are other things that I learnt from KAAMI. For instance: being sociable, being confident, not being shy and paying attention before acting.

“Yes, the workshop has been very important to her, her level of sociability and public speaking has increased and I think that those components will help her at school.”– Kendra’s mother

I can assume that a lot of things at KAAMI ARTS made me happy; I can’t help laughing when I remember some funny moments. I miss all the children and trainers.


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