Mahama Camp performance



Sunday 20th March, Kaami Arts Organisation celebrated the world theater day for children at Mahama refugee camp that is located in Kirehe District Eastern Province of the country.

With children in this camp, we shared wonderful moments, as artists from Kaami Arts performed a short play “iwacu” literally meaning home, written by Ms. Sonia Uwimbabazi and Eliane Umuhire and directed by Ms. Sonia Uwimbabazi & co-directed by Martine Umulisa.  Like all children, they have the right to life, a right to live and a right to dream. It comes with a right to smile, to sing and the right to dance. It goes with the right to play, the right to have fun, the right to have friends, the right to joy, to be, to do, to create, to see, to feel and the rights to expression: the rights to Arts.  As Artists, we strongly believe we owe them that.

With no doubt children enjoyed and loved the play and we could read life, love, hope, peace and freedom that were being spread through the play and conversations held with them.

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