Muhorakeye’s success story



17 years old girl.

A student in senior 3 at GS KIMIRONKO II

I am called UMULISA,I like singing and seeing people dancing.When I arrived at Kaami Arts,I saw many things which really touched my heart and changed some of ways I envisioned people.

First of all I was impressed by the way we were received when we reached there.I saw a lady who generously welcomed us and made us feel free and comfortable,so I found that Kaami is a nice friendly place.

I was amazed to see children from different areas performing ,but particularly to see very young children of between 3 and 5 years old performing confidently.I really appreciated  drummers and rwandan traditional dancers and the artistic atmosphere I found at Kaami arts.

Having been told that we were going to go to Kaami arts,I thought I was going there to sit and see what would be happening as the audience,but surprisingly I found myself on stage performing to the audience.I will never forget the happiness I had while singing with other students from different schools.I learned many things from them and it had been an opportunity to make a good friendship for it was the first time to meet each other.

When improvised to go to stage,I got fearful and frustrated,but as I started singing fear disappeared slow by slow.Having found that the audience was appreciating my song I began to become more and more confident.From that I realized that there is some thing helpful in me that  is needed by many people.It encouraged me to work harder for improving my talent.

From that event I also learned an important moral lesson.”To not dis regard anyone basing on his or her story back ground”.”Everyone can do crucial things once given an opportunity”.I got this lesson after seeing an amazing show of Les enfants de Dieu,whom we had been told are former street children.It created in me a strong love for Kaami arts that helped them become who they are through artistic way.

I can not finish without thanking Kaami from the bottom of my heart for their passionate initiative for children,wishing them all blessings from God.I wish such important events would reach many other children from different areas.I believe I’ ll get other chance to come back to Kaami arts and enjoy such lovely events.

God bless you!

TUYISHIMIRE Jean-Baptiste  

20 years old

A student in senior 3 at GS KIMIRONKO II

“I think I am an artist by birth”:This is how he answered once asked where he thinks is his passion for music from.

MY name is Jean-Baptiste,I love music very much and so other artistic mediums such as dance,theater  and so on.I sing and write songs since my childhood,I think I am an artist by birth.I was very impressed to attend the show at Kaami arts,for I saw better things beyond my expectations.

I appreciated the way we interacted with other children from different schools though it was for the first time to see each other.We shared happiness and our different abilities and experiences during the show.When I reached at Kaami arts and see those other children,I considered them like strange people from else where,but in a while we found ourselves one.

I really enjoyed the show of  les enfants de Dieu despite their story background.There I realized the role of arts in making people and helping them express their abilities through their talents.I loved them very much and learned many things from them.

I was very happy to find an opportunity to sing and present my talent to a big number of people especially how they appreciated it. I felt I was strengthened in my carrier of music and it gave me a brighter expectation for the future as a young artist who needs to grow.

I wish kAAMI ARTS ,would organize many more events like that to help children talents grow and I hope to get more chance and opportunities to come again.

Thanks a lot!


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