My story


A theater piece performance


Former street children open up and share their life-experience on stage 

Background of the project

“My story” is a result of a 3 months arts training with the children living in the center  “les enfants de Dieu”, a home shelter for 147 former street children, aged between 7 and 18 years.

The play “My story”, is planned to tour in different schools and former street children centers, and villages in order to reach a bigger and heterogeneous audience for a strong impact in terms of healing and sensitization.

On stage, actors mix text, body movements, and dance to speak out for themselves but also for those children they left behind in the streets, those that the society consider as an  inferior form of humanity.

kaami11The play kicks off, demonstrating some of the causes that lead the children to abandon their families to embrace the un-known street life.

The story develops on the life on the street, the danger, burden that they face. The cruel life on the streets is recounted; their sorrows and striving for survival re-lived, shared without compromising. The young talents question God and humanity; re-question the adults on their responsibilities.


My story performance at green hills academy

In a harmony of western and African songs, the play culminates on the traditional drums as the children take a lead in cleaning up their lives, reminding the audience on the choice that each of us hold on making a choice on who we want to be.

The show is not only about the children, it is a journey, for both the audience and the actors. A “remise en question” for the society, and a healing for the children.

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