The Team




Umulisa Martine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences and Sociology from National University of Rwanda, Faculty of Social Sciences and Management.

Since 1999 up to now, she started working in theater as performer, coordinator, animator, person in charge of administration and logistics in different projects.

She has been Trained in Children Rights and Child Protection, creative writing, theatre of movements, poetry and dance, training of trainers (TOT), gender based violence, she participated in Recycling Theatre Workshop (Art Azimut 4), Theatre Workshop on Peace building (Peace pubbles), Folk Tales Theatre Workshop, Artistic Micro projects  Management(Art Azimut 3), Theatre workshop (Art Azimut 2), Camp of Solidarity in Gishari.



Sonia Uwimbabazi  has a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration major in information technology from Adventist University of Central Africa.

Since 2005 up to now, she started working in film industry and theater as performer, actress, director and producer, make up and costume design, animator and painter.

She participated in different trainings in acting, script writing and continuity, clay animation, puppet, theater management, improvisation and space management.




Tumaini Manimbi has a Master of Business Administration- Tourism from Kampala International University and a Bachelor degree in Arts and Humanities in Socio-economic History from National University of Rwanda.

Since 2003 up to now, she started working in theater and cultural activities programs as performer, bibliobus coordinator, animator,

Trainings:Arts Azimut Festival, HIV /AIDS prevalence and knowledge, attitudes and practices of HIV positives women, cultural tourism program, capacity development: capacity needs assessment and capacity development plan, Competency-Based Curriculum Design And Assessment, National Customer Care Awareness and Behavioral change Campaign.



 Umuhire Solange has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism with distinction in the National University of Rwanda.

Since 2005 up to now, she started working in theater, music and film industry as actress, performer, singer, coordinator, animator, song writer, director, composer, Project Coordinator-Arts & Communication.

She has been involved in Regional Festival of Forum Theater in DRC, theater and reconciliation, Rwanda Folk tales project workshop in theater, Arts Azmut, Volet Theatre and acting.



Eliane Umuhire, Rwandan actress, model, script writer and actors trainer.

She holds a diploma from “centre arabo-africain de recherchestheatrales – El hamra(Tunisia)” in acting, dramaturgy, vocal training, and body movement.

Umuhire made herself a name in international and national festivals such as Hellwachtheater festival- Germany, Labaracca Festival- Italy, MASA festival- Ivory coast, Jury Member of the Let’s CEE Vienna International Film Festival- Austria, Jury Member Mashariki Film Festival 2015; KINA Festival 2015-Kigali; Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2015 & 2016 – Kigali.

She recently scooped a leading role in “Birds are singing in Kigali” a polish production set to premiere in 2017.

In Addition to her 10 years experience in acting on the national and international stages; She is a lecturer in film acting in NSPA Huye (Nile Source Polytechnic for Applied Arts) and a theatre trainer/Mentor.

Her recent work includes among others: Cast director-Kinyarwanda and script supervision for the RFI (Radio France International) radio serie “Le Talisman Brise”; Workshop in acting “Atelier pour jeu d’acteur”;writing and directing “I speak Child” on behalf of Save the Children Rwanda among others and cast trainer for “Ni Nyampinga Radio Drama” actors on behalf of Girl Effect.



Habineza Placide has a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting Option in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities from National University of Rwanda.

Since 2005 up to now, he started working with different partners and organization as translator, guide and interpreter and mentor.

He has been involved in different workshops such as 12+ project consumer workshop.


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